Los Angeles beautifies Washington DC

thehill50.jpgWashington, DC’s political newspaper “The Hill” just “revealed” its list of the “50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill.”

At least four of the 50 moved to D.C. from the Los Angeles area. Among them is Guy Lipa, 24, a legislative assistant to Democrat Rep. Tom Lantos. Of note:

In the opposite sex, Lipa likes someone laid back, attractive and active. The 24-year-old’s ideal date would be to a Dodgers game. The menu? Dodger dogs (a specialty of his hometown stadium) and beer.

Gladys Barcena, 22, is also on the list. From West Covina is an office manager at the House Clerk’s Office where she is often “dreaming of California’s ocean breezes.”

Los Angeles could very well have its own version of the Bush legacy on it hands with the Muller family. Of 11 kids, four have worked on “the Hill” and two sisters have been designated among The Hill’s Most Beautiful.

Virgina Muller, 23 is a legislative correspondent for Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.), and her sister Rosemary, 25, Northridge is scheduler for Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.). Both were runners in high schools, are smokin’ hot, and Republican.

Rosemary tells the Hill their clan was “raised by pro-life, Catholic parents in the suburbs of Los Angeles.”

Her German-immigrant father managed to put them all through private school with the proceeds from his upholstery business. Her mother, who has 10 siblings, stayed at home to rear them. “It’s totally rare. You don’t find that at all,” Muller said of her large family.

On a non-LA related note, Michael Ortiz, a press aide to Barack Obama, is the only one on the list with an empty profile. The Hill writes he “refused” to be interviewed for the piece.

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  1. OK so are we supposed to applaud Mr Ortiz for being a gdi or simply ponder the refusal?

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