“How to get L.A.’d”, a message from your friends at Showtime

Californication_Centerfold.jpgShowtime released a new print ad ( for their upcoming series Californication showing star David Duchovny in a casual pose as text boxes and arrows give commentary on his hair, clothes, etc. and everything else that makes him “L.A.”

Here’s the summary for those unwilling to click the image link goes to Popbytes, who earn the hat tip):

-Meticulous unkempt hair
-S900 hangover helpers [points to sunglasses]
-Style is the new substance [points to jacket]
-Stay in shape. Screw your personal trainer.
-Winners never quit. [points to cigarette]
-$350 jeans. Slacks are for slackers.
-Sports car. 0-69 in 4.3 seconds.

Is Showtime out of touch, projecting, or did they hire a New York ad firm who haven’t been to Los Angeles in ten years to make this up? Besides, isn’t lifting the “Priceless” concept dated?

Feel free to leave your own more relevent tips on “How to Get L.A.’d” in the comments.

4 thoughts on ““How to get L.A.’d”, a message from your friends at Showtime”

  1. Great catch…the priceless concept died ages ago, even the parody’s aren’t new and fresh.

    Californication isn’t new either. That was term we used in Las Vegas in the early 80’s with the first influx of people bringing in traffic, smog and other concerns.

    LA’d is a cute play on words. What they are relying on is the superficial. Fine it will sell a TV show in Duluth but won’t further our image. As a whole this city is much freer in its willingness to embrace new ideas and try new things regardless of what others think. I sometimes fear we are evolving to a more rigid and polarized community given the disrespect that takes place in the comment section, but even that shows our acceptance of other ideas in that the comments stay up no matter how offensive they can be to some.

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