Big Hearts and “Help n Hands” for Kid’s with Cancer

rachelgettingahandprint.jpg Paint N Play 2 owners Lisa Barrios and Rachel Quimayousie are the type of business owners that contribute to making a city great. They support the community in many ways. They are leaders in helping the school’s not only in Monrovia but throughout the San Gabriel Valley provide art education to our kids. They also work tirelessly in providing simple things like a meeting place for local non-profits to providing financial support.

In today’s Pasadena Star News Lisa and Rachel were given recognition for their running, and donating time and materials for a program they started called “Help n Hands”. Help n Hands is their project to help families whose children are being treated for cancer at the City of Hope in Duarte. They work with the kids in making hand impressions in clay and decorated with things important to the child as a positive experience during an otherwise trying time. I also have the article available for Download file in the event the link drops off in the next few weeks.

(picture used with permission taken from Paint n Play web page).