Free Comedy Tonight at ACME

I met my friend Kevin Small when we were in writing workshops together at ACME several years ago. We did a critically acclaimed sketch show shortly after, called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Sunday Show. It was so well received by audiences and critics alike, it ran for months past its scheduled closing. I was so impressed with Kevin’s writing and acting, I asked him to be one of the founding members of my Sci-Fi sketch comedy troupe, Earnest Borg 9.

We’ve done a lot of shows at ACME together, including ACME: A Day in the Life, ACME Love Machine, and a bunch of episodes of ACME This Week, so I hope you’ll all trust me when I say: Kevin Small is a funny motherfucker.

Tonight, he’s closing his brilliant one man show The Ten Commandments of Sex (Male Version):

Come witness one man’s sexual journey through religious guilt, Southern Baptist style! This dirty and disturbing, yet heartwarming, coming of age tale reveals how hard it is to deal with sexual desires and still keep Jesus in your heart.

A bunch of industry people are coming to watch the show tonight, and Kevin wants to fill the house, so the show is free for anyone who wants to see it.

It starts at 8. Tell them Wil sent you from, and win a free T-shirt*

*Actually, you won’t win anything, but you’ll still get in for free.

2 thoughts on “Free Comedy Tonight at ACME”

  1. Wil,

    I wanted to see my friend, Tina Kim, tonight at J’s Restaurant on Olive Street, but I have my sister and her family in town, with teenagers in tow.

    We are headed out to Biacchis in Upland for pizza, soda, and free comedy at 9:00 p.m..

    The pizza parlor is located on Central Ave., just North of the Ten Freeway near the Montclair Mall.

    Funny man Bruce Jingles will host.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I couldn’t tell ya this morning what all the commandments were, but I was taken aback, laughed at, and applauded the background story for each one. A fun time. And they were more than happy to take a sawbuck if you didn’t want to see it for free, too.

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