Sweatin’ Bullets: Furninculus!


Above, Harry Potter fan Jolts reads a spell before the new hand and wand prints in front of the Chinese Theatre (used under Creative Commons)… other local Hogwarts obsessed bloggers include danah boyd, The Mad Professah, Karl Erikson, Anne Hefley, and Doctor Paradox who found a fire hydrant wearing a sorting hat.

The Atwater Village Newbie resisted a security guard’s insistence on confiscating his camera while the Newbie was snapping some pics of Beckham at an LA Galaxy Game. Not sure if he’s aware but threatening to take away a camera without a court order “can constitute criminal offensess such as theft and coercion” according to the Photographers Bill of Rights.

Opposing POVs on taggers: West Coast Grrlie Blather is disheartened to find graffiti at Lincoln and Montana in Pasadena, but refuses to post the photo because if she did “it’s like they win”… while LAist’s Zach Behrens has no problem posting a tagger’s work explaining, “I’m a big fan of graffiti art. But I’m also a big fan of getting rid of it.”

Congratulations to Kim, Nathan, and Larry of Esotouric on being named “best downtown tour”, City Council President Eric Garcetti as “hottest politician” and Blog Downtown as “best blog”, by the editors and readers of Downtown News.

Lesley at Eater LA discovers a new dining trend that embraces the idea of leftovers: both Craft and Osteria Mozza give out “coat check” type numbers so you can pick up your doggy bag at the front counter on your way out.

Fess up: who stole Ed Padgett’s debit card and bought Yum Yum Donuts before swapping it out in his wallet for his Visa? Turn yourself in before Ed runs you through the presses… literally.

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  1. My local tag was a definite gang-related tag, and since we’ve have 5 homicides in Pasadena since May, it was just a reminder that we’re getting nowhere fast on the kids-killing-kids issue.

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