Just Wild About Harry? Let’s Talk About It

For those of you who couldn’t make it yesterday to our very impromptu HPATDH meet-up (Thanks Annika!), I am inviting you all on Saturday at noon to Starbucks in Culver City for a sunny chat fest about all things Wizarding and Harry.

Saturday, July 28
9718 Washington Blvd.
Culver City
This Starbucks is located at the tip of the triangle building where Washington meets Culver and there is plenty of shady outdoor seating.

Please don’t come if you haven’t finished reading the book (or even started — is there anyone who hasn’t started?!) as it will be all spoilers all the time. Okay, okay, you can come, but after saying hi, you’ll have to sit inside with your headphones on blasting the Weird Sisters so you don’t hear any “OMG can you believe it when ________ did ________?!?!” etc.

First topic of conversation: The book jacket art — how it actually relates to the book.

I’ll be there with my copy of the book, looking like the total geek that I am. No wand though, I’m not *that* into it…

6 thoughts on “Just Wild About Harry? Let’s Talk About It”

  1. Spoiler Alert!

    The book jacket art is about the new MANICURES all the characters got!

    Notice the tattered broken wood near the character I cannot name … representing his bad cuticles. Then look at the nice regular arches behind Harry, which echo his beautifully soft nailbeds.

    (I can’t make it on Saturday cuz of whale watching … maybe someone could read this aloud?)

  2. Wish I could be there, but since I haven’t even read one page of even one book yet, I guess it really doesn’t apply to me. Still sounds fun!! Enjoy all things Harry!

  3. In case I don’t make it Saturday: the cover image is obviously from the chapter when Harry and Voldy-you-know go to the Colosseum and stand together against the invisible forces of Doom.

  4. You make a good point, 818 guy, however, not all of us fall into one giant category of nerdlingers or have the budget/time to go to Comic-Con (alas indeed!). So for we few, we happy few, Culver City it will have to be!

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