If you need to smoke, please step inside

How often do you hear of anyone saying you can only smoke inside of buildings?

The Adams Pack Station (up in them thar San Gabriel Mountains) has posted a notice reading:

Effective August 1, a forest order will be issued that will state that no wood or charcoal fires will be allowed anywhere on the forest, and smoking will be allowed only in buildings or vehicles.

Located about 30 minutes from downtown L.A. in the Angeles Crest National Forest, Adams Pack Station is as close as you can get to being east of the Mississippi while remaining West of Las Vegas. Not only is it a general store for campers, day hikers, and cabin dwellers, but the Pack Station also rents donkeys to carry your gear out to any one of a handful of campsites to choose from. (I wrote about the Adams Pack Station last year as well).

But no – you can’t ride the donkey, and no – they don’t dispense cigarettes out of their butts. (Unless you’re indoors, maybe.)

3 thoughts on “If you need to smoke, please step inside”

  1. That place is funny….butt the tought of smokers in that tinder box is scary. It last went up in flames Christmas 99, I don’t want it repeated anytime soon.

  2. I have only been asked to smoke inside once, while in El Salvador. After finishing a plate of papulsas, I stepped outside for a smoke out of habit, and my waiter brought me back inside with a cold beer, telling me I could smoke inside the restaurant.

  3. I was in New Mexico in the summer of 2001, and they had the same order. I was up in the forest areas, and they required smoking only inside of vehicles and buildings.

    Of course, it was also 100 degrees outside. It was wierd, as a non-smoker, to be the one ‘exiled’ outside to the heat, if we wanted to get away from the smoke.

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