Filming in my ‘hood again

sign.jpg Leroy’s a Monrovia institution is serving as the set for Ben 10 The Movie. Lucinda bloggedLeroyshere before so I’ll spare you the details on what a great place it is. Ben 10 is currently one of the shows on the Cartoon Network who also happen to be the production company for this film.
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The links give you an idea about the movie. I can’t give you any more details as usual the folks on the sets don’t have the time to chat. I can tell you that with the Monrovia Fire Department on set there is going to be some sort of pyrotechnic’s involved at some point. It’s been a while since we had bombs blowing this might be interesting. (Part of the Monrovia filming permit is that if pyrotechnics are to be used Monrovia Fire has to be paid to monitor). The crew coaches and stuff are taking up the Expo parking lot at Huntington and Mayflower a half block from the filming. (Don’t worry about Expo parking being full…still ample as no one shops there during the week).

That said, none of the neighboring businesses could say how long filming is going on. If Leroy’s is on your breakfast plans it may be wise to call ahead and make sure they are open. Leroy’s is 523 W Huntington Dr, Monrovia, CA 91016, USA 626-357-5076.

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  1. I love Leroy’s. Never thought I’d see it mentioned on this blog (it being so far from Silverlake and all). Love live Monrovia!

  2. there was a huge shoot at the hollywood roosevelt today, tons of trucks and cops.

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