Eat a Tostada, Save the World

Okay, maybe not the world, but it’s still a good deed. Kay ‘n Dave’s Fresh Mex Cantinas in West LA, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades will donate 20% of your tab to Free Arts for Abused Children Monday, July 23 (that’s today) through Thursday, July 26.

That’s right: You can waltz right in and order a Veggie Tostada today, Greenhouse Tamales tomorrow, Tropical Enchiladas on Wednesday, and Black Bean Tacos on Thursday, and as long as you remember to drop your receipt in the basket by the door on your way out, 20% of each tab will be donated to Free Arts. Actually, technically speaking, you could dine there for both lunch and dinner for the next four days, and each time, 20% of your tab would be donated.

Bon Appetit, Salud, and Mazel Tov, you’ve done a mitzvah.

Kay ‘n Dave’s exist to please you at these fine locations:

Pacific Palisades
15246 Sunset Boulevard
Between Swarthmore and La Cruz

26th Street
262 26th street
1/2 block south of San Vicenti across from the Brentwood Country Mart

West L.A.
10543 Pico Boulevard
3 blocks east of Overland between Patricia and Prosser

One thought on “Eat a Tostada, Save the World”

  1. In Mexico when you want to wish someone a nice meal you say “buen provecho.” It’s interesting how EVERYONE in the restaurant will tell you this (especially as they are walking out) and not just the server. Just a random fact I thought I’d share! :)

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