Don’t have a cow man the Future dies 9/3

delorean.jpg In the rush for all things Simpson’s Universal Studio’s has cut loose their “Back to the Future” ride with the last date to enjoy the cheap thrill officially set for Labor Day weekend, September 3. The full details on the official date and other tidbits are reported in Slashfilm here.

Actually, the term ride is a bit generous in my not so humble opinion. It was dated when it opened and pretty hopeless when I was last on it some 8 years ago. It never was so much a ride as an out of focus movie projected in the round while your ass was tossed about in a milk crate. Sorry, but you can get the pretty much the same effect sitting on the can in a motorhome shooting down a two lane mountain highway playing a Nintendo Gameboy Color. It was that dated. It was that lame.

Of course the real star of the movie was the DeLorean DMC12 that in spite of its lack luster performance it had style and that certain star quality needed to carry it well into the new century that even the movie couldn’t muster. There’s even entire clubs devoted to all things DeLorean. The DeLorean community is giving the Ride its final salute by displaying Hundreds of the car on August 2, 2007 at Universal Studios. Full details here. Go for the car, not the “ride”.

2 thoughts on “Don’t have a cow man the Future dies 9/3”

  1. how dare this post even begin to question the staying power of the greatest movie of all time? I mean, it’s perfect for the future, because the movie is about all time! It’s genius!

    Plus, it’s fun to see how close we are to Robert Zemekis’ view of the future, which now is only 8 years away.

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