b.la Harry Potter meet-up

GW172H172.jpgThis is rather last minute, but Julia and I are getting together to discuss The Last Book, which many people have not yet finished reading, causing us much grief and badly bitten tongues. Anyway, we wanted to invite any readers who have also finished reading and need someone to chat with about The End Of The Harry Potter Series. So come, join us! Drink coffee and be Harry Potter dorks with us! I guarantee a pleasant time.

3680 Wilshire Blvd. at Serrano (in the lobby of the office building on the southeast corner)
4:00 TODAY

I will bring my wand. (NOT REALLY.)

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  1. Oh, I wish I could join in. I feel like strangling my co-workers that bought the book on Friday night but are putting it off till they re-read Book 6. Maybe I’ll just call my mom tonight to get it off my chest.

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