Superball 8!

[Entrance was a tiny sushi bar, and this guy yelled “SUPERBALL!” at you. Click him!]

The best party of the summer is finally back on track!

After a four (or was it five?) year hiatus, SUPERBALL 8 hit the Laurel Canyon Stages last night and hit the ground running.

Superball is the brainchild of Joel and Jim Hodgson, and has been blowing our mid-summer minds for years.

This year’s event raised money for Down’s Syndrome and featured, among other things, Sam Simon and his Sam Simon Foundation mobile spay and neuter clinic. I’m not sure how necessary it was to do this, but they actually did several surgeries there at the event, and broadcast them live via closed circuit tv. For me the literature and displays pretty much said it, but I went in and petted the cute and groggy doggies before their surgeries and all seemed on the up-and-up.

There was also a portable Pachinko parlor, a mousetrap/ping pong ball chamber built to mimic a nuclear reaction, a fashion show, informative displays of art, stuff to buy, a cook-off, comedy, and a stomach-churning strip show by Sashay Gigante. That’s all I can remember, but believe me there was more.

Here’s a link to my Flickr photos, and Coop’s Superball set is here.

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  1. I SOOOOOOOOO wanted to do this,but the parents were in from out of town and…the flckr links were awesome. Count me in next year.

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