Harry Potter and the Ralphs Club Card

Mark EnglertAfter realizing that the wait for the new Harry Potter book at the madhouse known as Borders on Sunset and Vine would probably take over an hour, my buddy Mark and I headed over to the Ralphs at LaBrea and Franklin Fountain where there was, magically, no line. And it was 5 past midnite.

Unfortunately, because there was no line we did some light grocery shopping – I grabbed some o.j., milk, and Little Debbies – while Mark picked up some lettuce for his genie pigs, and when we got back to the counter there was, indeed, a couple of people in line… but only a handful, and they were also smart enough to avoid a legitimate book store. They agreed to pose for a picture – Lisa, and her friend who was visiting from New York. He was still reeling from the excitement of signing up for a Ralphs Club Card, as he remembered that “The Dude” used it as his only form of i.d. in The Big Lebowski.

Lisa asked what the photo was for, and I told her blogging.la. “I know that blog – I read it all the time!” she exclaimed. That’s right – we’re as famous as Harry Potter.

B.la reader Lisa and Dude from New York

10 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Ralphs Club Card”

  1. “Harry Potter and the Ralphs Club Card” – that sounds like an adventure waiting to be written! What was the price on the book? I know someone that’s going to go out for a copy if the pre-order doesn’t show up tomorrow.

  2. Did you finish it yet?!?!?!111 I’m going to the hula festival, then home to start reading then media blackout….enjoy!

  3. Mark has genie pigs?

    What, you rub their tummies and they grant you three wishes? :-)

  4. Hi Kyle,

    LOL! What a great site and blog, love the graphics and layout. I have not heard of bloggingla before, but I am enjoying reading about your summer adventures. Even in Bpest I have heard about the Harry Potter phenomenon and all the hype about the new book, long lines etc. Unreal, that you bought it at Ralphs, a super market, for less, and with no wait!!

    Best from Budapest,


  5. I contemplated the Ralph’s purchase till I figured out it would be $3.00 cheaper if I waited till 8AM at Target. 50 people were crowded outside my Target store at 7:50AM.

  6. I actually went to Barnes and Noble for the midnight madness party, had TONS of fun, waited in line with my friend who pre-ordered hers, waved goodbye to all the suckers, and drove to the nearest Ralphs. The only thing that worried me was putting my book on the conveyor belt where people put their groceries (all those spills!) I finished the book at 5:30am. So that’s what spending $3 got me… Insta-gratification. :)

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