Insomniac Cinema

Nyctophiliacs rejoice!

Do you love movies? Do you consider yourself a “night person” or a “night owl” or an “insomniac” or what I like to call “weird”?* There is a place for you: The Insomniac Cinema. The Regency Fairfax has midnight screenings every Friday for 8 bucks and they show movies you are dying to see on the big screen again. Or maybe you’ve never seen your favorites on the big screen. Tomorrow night they are playing Monty Python and the Holy Grail for goodness sake. How many times have you seen that movie (NI!) and have you ever seen it on the big screen? Now is your chance. Other movies coming soon: Office Space, Casablanca, and Grease.

If you live a bit further afield, don’t fret. Insomniac Cinema has two other locations as well: Westlake Village and Ventura.

The Regency Fairfax is at at the corner of Beverly and Fairfax.

(A little Holy Grail morsel for you after the jump.)

*Me, I’m all: “early bird” “morning person” “worm catcher” “healthy, wealthy and wise”, etc.

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  1. If the New Beverly gets going again, they have an awesome midnight series this summer— They Live, Revenge of the Nerds, and Vanishing Point….

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