Holy Happy Hour, Drinkspecialman!

As an unabashed wino, I frequently bemoan the lack of good happy hours in this town. So, unsurprisingly, I’m stoked to discover Mappy Hour, a Google Maps mashup that catalogs local digs that offer happy hour food and drink specials. Irritatingly, it lists every bar in your area and not just those with actual specials. But at least it’s a good window into what your options are, and, as time goes on, it will hopefully fill up with useful data about where to get my drunken nosh on during the tender twilight hours. Do a bro a solid and get busy updatin’ some data, suckers!

via BoingBoing.

3 thoughts on “Holy Happy Hour, Drinkspecialman!”

  1. I too wish there were more happy hours in hollywood. Scorpion has one of the best. Half off the entire menu from 6-8 PM. Its good because it goes till 8, and most people dont get off till 6. And instead of a few crappy drink specials or food items, it’s the entire menu! Their cucumber or kiwi margaritas are perfect for the summer.

    PS, no I don’t work there.

  2. i like weiland’s happy hour (little tokyo). prices seem to have gone up a bit recently, but happy hour is 3-7 and 10-close with $2.50 for their microbrews on tap and half price apps. good garlic fries (kinda mccormick and schmick-y).

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