Big Honkin’ Brushfire in La Tuna Canyon

July 18, 2007 at 3:01 pm in Uncategorized

After we were passed by the asshole driver doing his best to kill himself and everyone else on the road, we drove up the 210 through La Tuna Canyon. I grew up in La Crescenta, and I know the hills on either side of the freeway very well, so when I noticed that they were the driest I’ve seen them in my entire life, I commented to my wife that this was a prime spot for a serious brushfire this fire season.

Well, it turns out that my thoughts control the future, because there’s a fire burning there right now. At the moment, it’s about 5 acres, and LAFD and county fire is already on scene. CHP says that the 210 West between Sunland and La Tuna Canyon will be closed indefinitely, so go do your asshole driving somewhere else for the next few hours, I guess.

There are updates in the LAFD Twitter stream, but so far nothing on local media websites. CBS2 has video, but you need to infect your computer with something called “Windows” to watch it.

KCAL had some aerial shots a few minutes ago, and since they’re not staying with it on FIREWATCH!!11 I’m hopeful that the whole thing will be under control and wrapped up shortly.

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