Scared White People Don’t Know About Big Boy

From Westside Today:

Context counts, and in this case, the context is a predominantly non-black neighborhood where referring to an adult black man as “boy” is wrong and racist. Also, there are contexts in which fart jokes are funny, but not on a public street where you see the same offensive “joke” every day, day after day.

This is just wrong.

Help us to get this bigoted blight removed by spreading the word that this is offensive and unwelcome.

Lol. Look I know your liberal white guilt is a powerful force. You’re troubled by the world’s problems. You drive a Prius. But apparently you don’t drive it very far or very often and you certainly don’t listen to hip hop and haven’t listened to Power 106 in the morning for the last ten years and heard of Big Boy.

I know that you are genuinely offended by a black man living in a methane cloud. It’s demeaning. Degrading. But so is a grossly obese man posing nude on a billboard, which this man, this Big Boy, has done as well.

Big Boy is a morning DJ in Los Angeles. And if you’ve ever tuned away from 89.9, you’d hear how zany those other morning hosts can be. Big Boy is very successful in one of the toughest radio markets in the country and now he’s nationally syndicated.

Relax Westsiders. Just breathe. You’ll live on to fight another day. Hopefully leading the crusade against Rick Dees.

44 thoughts on “Scared White People Don’t Know About Big Boy”

  1. Now, now, let’s not give the Westside too hard a time, here . . . many of them are still reeling from the shock and horror of possibly getting a new area code one day that isn’t 310.

  2. I lmao and wished I saw that billboard!
    FYI…I don’t do prius, my radio presets are pretty eclectic and thanks to the teens in my car I do listen to power106 and am pretty guilt free these days. Not bad for your conservative white dude out in Far East LA.

  3. Lollerskates! Geez you’d thought we were up in the bay area about now. I haven’t listened to power in almost 15 years but even I know who big boy is and I was able to get the joke about giving away gas cards from the billboards. Is that website an elaborate joke?

  4. Not to poke a hole in your stereo-typical — dare I say, prejudiced — view of the Westside, let me educate you a little about myself and the Westside.

    While it is true I am white, my neighborhood is not. Most of my neighbors are Persian-Jewish. It’s obvious if you come out of your smarmy neighborhood and drive down Westwood boulevard and see all the signs written in English and Farsi.

    I don’t drive a Prius and I am not liberal. I am more libertarian inclined.

    I don’t care what radio station you listen to, and it’s none of your business what radio station I listen to (radio stations are dieing anyway).

    A billboard with a black man making a fart joke, referred to as “boy” is degrading and demeaning, not to mention extraordinarily lame and moronic.

    You are welcome to consume that kind of thing on your own time in your own space. You are not entitled to foist it on the rest of us.

  5. I’m white, I live on the westside, I’ve never even listend to Power 106 and I know exactly who Big Boy is. Sheesh. Settle down dude! You are giving my kind (cool westsiders) a bad name.

  6. Jim you’re missing the point. the word “big” in front of the word “boy” puts the word “boy” in a what we call context. You’d be somewhat correct if the billboard read “Boy’s Got Gas”, but it doesn’t say that. It says “Big Boy’s Got Gas” which means something different than you’re trying to make it mean.

    The question I have is why are you trying to make this billboard mean something it clearly doesn’t?

  7. If the name “Big Boy” were offensive, don’t you think Big Boy would have heard of it already? He has been on the air for over ten years. Come on, don’t look for racism when it’s not there.

  8. LOL…if it were racist the restaurant holding the same name would have gone out of business or changed its already. How soon we forget about “Sambos” and its logo.

  9. uh, Jim, if you’re all libertarian doesn’t that mean that people should just be able to roll as they please without people like you getting all up in their business and telling them what is and isn’t racist? do i not get it?

  10. I

    – Drive a Prius
    – Live on the Westside
    – Don’t give a shit about the radio
    – Don’t think the billboard is racist
    – Think that billboard is a million fucking times better than Angelyne
    – Think the Westside is more diverse than you Silverlake and Hwood hipster fucks are

  11. thank you for mentioning the Baka Boyz. I listened to them while growing up in Bako’.

    Oh shit…and I live on the Westside…I’m so conflicted about myself now…

  12. Being a libertarian means I’m free to get all up in your business if I want to, as long as I don’t steal from you or use force (including the force of government).

    That billboard is all of our business because it is foisting itself on all of us, whether we like it or not.

  13. I second Avo on everything except the Prius and radio bit. I listen to the radio now just like I did when I was in high school and the Big in Big Boy was just a euphemism for obese.

  14. BTW, who do I have to kill to get rid of that “Scared White People” rep?

  15. Jim, stop being scared and drop the white man’s burden. You don’t need to be offended on behalf of other people, especially not millionaire radio personalities.

  16. Jim, who do you have to kill to get rid of that rep? The part of you that takes yourself too seriously.

  17. FWIW, Jim Bursch here:

    Being a libertarian means I’m free to get all up in your business if I want to, as long as I don’t steal from you or use force (including the force of government).

    Jim Bursch at his own blog:

    Update: Councilman Jack Weiss has been notified by email. You can help by also emailing him at [email protected].

  18. Hahaha!

    1. All due respect to W2 & Benjamin, I think Spencer wins at the Internets

    2. It is not a contest


  19. This string sure brought out some serious hostility.
    Avo…be careful comment to much and you get recruited to write here.
    And where is the active “Sage Brush Rebellion” States rights crew gonna fit into this round of shooting?

  20. Councilman Weiss has a long-standing record as a critic of billboard advertising. He can’t force them to take it down, but he can lend his voice to criticism.

    Billboard advertisers, on the other hand, are engaging in theft. It’s called mindshare theft — they take something of value from you (your mindshare) and sell it. Billboards are a blight and they ought to be a crime, but I prefer social opprobrium to criminalization.

  21. I have enjoyed the exchange here — I hope nobody felt hostile. This is fun stuff.

    I am going to concede the race point; will be posting soon at West L.A. Online.

    But I think it would be good to think about how we characterize each other, whether it’s based on race or where we live.

  22. Bwuahahaha. This is the funniest Metroblogging post I’ve read in a while. The comments, too.

  23. It does seem to be a dual issue here, as Mr. Bursch implied in his comments. It’s not so much about the race “issue.” What he’s really upset about is billboards in general, and low-brow, poorly designed ones specifically. Seems like this discussion could be realigned to actually tackle the problem that’s pissing him off, rather than false claims of racism because he hopes it will make people take notice.

  24. Or two issues:

    Advertising taking up public visual space and where do you draw the line. How much space can it take up and who decides what that advertising can be? These “got gas” billboards have been up all over town for months with no complaints, so it’s clearly not a simple answer.


    White people complaining that what black people are doing in racists against black people when the black people don’t think it’s racists against themselves but the white people won’t let it go and just accept they don’t know what they are talking about with black culture, ever, and should just STFU.

  25. What he’s really upset about is billboards in general, and low-brow, poorly designed ones specifically.

    Not to mention the “high-brow” ones. And who could forget the infamous Brown Bunny ad ; )

  26. Jim, I agree with you about billboards being ugly and far too prevalent. But for the love of God, don’t pretend that there’s anything the least bit “libertarian” about saying that they should be regulated. That’s mental contortionism–rationalization at its worst (and, frankly, funniest).

    Just admit that you favor using the coercive power of the state to stifle free commerce in this one special case, and be done with it. Or will your libertarian friends stop inviting you over to eat pizza and read aloud to one another from The Road to Serfdom if you confess to having an ideologically impure thought?

  27. As I said on West L A Online, and in agreement with the person who said this is really about not wanting any billboards, especially “low-brow ones” (and I’d say fart “jokes” and naked fat men qualify), Jim’s posing this as a racial issue unfortunately seemed to throw the whole discussion off.

    It’s not about a white man looking out for his unfortunate black brothers (I’m pretty sure) which sounds inadvertently condescending, but what he says now: Billboards are a commercial venture (this is NOT a “free speech issue) to make money, by any means the advertiser thinks it can.

    This is a city-wide billboard, and while some communities may be fine with it, others like most on the westside, oppose all billboards as a form of blight. Tasteless ones like this are especially offensive, making the whole hood look tasteless and downright tacky, and that directly lowers property values.

    Councilman Weiss is a vocal critic of billboards because his constituents have told him that’s what they want — it’s about respect for the hood.

  28. Not that I think you’re being devious, but you should probably disclose that that’s your site when you’re promoting it.

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