please don’t drive like an asshole

Last night, while driving on the 210 in Sunland, a car flew past us, doing well over 100. When it got about a quarter of a mile ahead of us, it braked hard, then jerked to the right, cutting off another car and nearly causing two vehicles to crash. Once it cleared those cars, the stupid motherfucker driving it sped off again, weaving in and out of the light traffic without any regard for the safety of the other drivers on the road.

“I hope the only person he kills is himself,” I said, to my wife.

About fifteen minutes later, we were in La Canada, just past JPL, when the entire freeway came to a halt. Emergency crews were in the fast lane, and highway patrol cars were beginning to move drivers over to the right side of the freeway.

“I bet you it’s that stupid guy who almost clipped all those cars,” my wife said. She was right.

He didn’t crash and kill himself, and there weren’t any other cars involved, so it looks like this stupid reckless fuckstain lost control, crashed into the center divider, spun around several times, and ended up blocking the two left lanes. When we passed the scene of the crash, the driver was sitting on the ground, against the center divider, while a paramedic talked with him. He appeared to be young, in his teens or very early twenties.

Luckily, this stupid shithead didn’t kill any innocent, and miraculously he didn’t kill himself. Please take this as a reminder that, when you’re driving, you’re not invincible, you’re not some sort of racecar driver, and there are other people on the road, some of them with families in their car, who’d like to get home safely.

Please don’t drive like an asshole.

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  1. Seriously, I’m with Julia and Annika–glad you’re okay. I witnessed a similar thing many years ago now and the guy did end up killing someone else. It’s frightening and infuriating.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I’m afraid for my life sometimes when I’m in the car with my kinda crazy brothers. There’s a lot on the road we don’t have any sort of control over, but not driving like an asshole is definitely one of those things we can do.

  3. Wil…do I need to give you a list of freeways with enough space where the “tuners” test drive their cars at break neck speeds? The 210 in that area is notorious for that, as is the 605 between the 210/605. Common occurrence.
    Not surprised it was a little honda, coulda been a little acura too as those are the most favored by the tuners.
    Final jab…did he have a front license plate?

  4. I was crusing down Sunset on my motorcycle the other night near Vine. Someone started honking at me because I guess I wasn’t going fast enough. They called me an asshole AND a stupid white boy. He also gave me the number one sign!

    People need to relax while driving…

  5. There are always going to be asshole drivers.. the best you can do is drive defensively – aim high, don’t tail-gate, etc..

  6. I live in Pasadena, and I live on a medium-density street with a double-yellow line down the middle. That double-yellow line means “don’t pass people, asshole”.

    And yet, despite this being entirely a residential street with heavy tree foliage (and thus narrow and confining) I have often seen complete dickheads blast around somebody and pass them, entirely illegally, and entirely endangering themselves, the person they’ve passed, and all the houses to either side of them. Just picture what would happen if a car was coming along and the dickhead misjudged. It wouldn’t just be vehicles in danger, but the aforementioned dickhead could easily swerve off the road and into a house. Since I live on this road, it could be into my house.

    And guess what? Naturally this happened to me last year, on my own street. I was driving nearly ten miles over the speed limit (no, I’m not proud of that) and some burly-armed construction worker in a mini-pickup decided 60mph was the minimum acceptable limit, and bombed around me. And a car was coming on in the opposite direction. He almost killed me, the oncomer, and himself, just so he could get up the street to the stop sign fifteen seconds more quickly.

    I have no problems with people wanting to be dickheads behind the wheel. Just go be that way in a controlled private track and not on the public street, so the only person you could harm is your own sorry self.

  7. My husband’s cousin was just killed in an auto accident a couple of weeks ago because of a guy driving like an asshole.

    IF these jerkoffs who manage to survive are somehow allowed to continue to drive, at least they should be forced to put a large bumper sticker on their cars that read “I drive like an asshole.”

  8. Wil I was hoping you were going to say you stopped and explained to the police how he was driving. There’s unfortunately a REALLY good chance no one else stopped to explain.

    And to anyone that sees something like that, I’ve called 911 to report it and been thanked. Both by the operators and by officers. So PLEASE call. You could be the difference between an innocent person living or dying.

  9. Dave Share: My wife called the CHP as soon as we got home, and told them exactly what he was doing before he crashed.

    Normally, I would call 911 as soon as I saw someone driving like that, but we were at the tail end of an eight hour drive from Lake Tahoe, and a little road weary; I’m ashamed to admit that calling 911 didn’t even cross my mind at the time, though it has in the past.

  10. Whenever people get mad at me and start yelling because I’m driving carefully, I just blow them kisses. It helps take the edge off their aggressiveness. Whereas, if you respond with the finger or something, they only feel more empowered.
    The 210 east into the SGV is one of the scariest freeways to drive on, everyone thinks they’re race car drivers. It must be the San Dimas effect.

  11. The “San Dimas” effect? Are you saying it sucks so hard that you can’t help be drawn in very quickly?
    Never witnessed it.

  12. We live near the intersection of La Cienaga and Rodeo, and Rodeo between La Cienega and La Brea seems to be a big showoff stretch for tinydicks driving Japanese motorcycles. They clear the light, then pop wheelies and race each other down Rodeo. I’m amazed none of them have flipped into my neighbors’ yards after a collision. Morons. And never a cop around.

  13. just remember that the republican management since reagan days of this state has not hired enough highway patrol people to properly patrol and enforce traffic laws. i think it was in the times that 55,000 cars a year are added to our state each year. how many officers are added each year?

  14. Oh puhleeeez Bob what kind of stupid fuck are you? Shit, dumb fucks speed regardless if there are cops or not. Blame it on republicans? WTF. Blame it on the whiny ass democrats who find every reason they can to reduce civil liberties and……why bother. Liberals are the new fascists.

  15. thanks for the flame, yeh i’m an old bastard and i remember the way it was 35 years ago when most of the truckers were union and regulated, as always the subliminal bs of the republicans shines thru in your response.. as warren buffett said i made $42,000,000 last year my tax bracket 17% my secretary made $60,000 30% tax bracket.. without the revenue your government can’t protect you or patrol the highways… do your own research goofball.. you’ll learn..

  16. “Blame it on the whiny ass democrats who find every reason they can to reduce civil liberties”

    hey SGVGOOFBALL I think you got it backwards. Your boy GWB is the one spying on Americans and his ass clown VP claims he is immune from any oversight. read a book or change the channel on your TEEVEE beacuse we live in a scary scary world because of asshole Republicans like you.


  17. I just read this and I would like to thank you for this reminder, Wil

    I lost a very good friend and colleague of mine 10 days ago in a car accident, because of some stupid drunk driver. My friend was in the car with three of her friends, who all died in the crash. It are always the innocnet that are killed by those sh!theads and this is what makes me mad. So please try to remember what Wil said and drive careful, there are other people on the road!

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