Oh, go for a walk!

130648164_cd880733c8_m.jpgHow walkable is your neighborhood? Wait, don’t answer that – there’s a website that figures it out for you, based on some mystical formula of local businesses and possibly voodoo. Because it’s based off google maps, it can’t tell you if there is actually a sidewalk, but you probably know that already if you’re looking up your own neighborhood.

My address in Koreatown scored a 91 (yay!), and punching in the address of a friend who lives at Park La Brea came back with a 97 (one wonders what the Grove, Farmers Market, Pan Pacific Park, and Tar Pits would have to do to earn the 3 errant points).

So how’s you do?

Photo by Fred Camino, used under a Creative Commons license. Link via Chez Shoes.

11 thoughts on “Oh, go for a walk!”

  1. Little Armenia- 82

    I admit I find this amusing, but I also think that the “voodoo” is shoddy. Just because there’s a bar within walking distance of my apartment doesn’t mean it’s a bar I want to go to. Also, it seems to consider the many strip clubs around me as “bars,” which I have to take exception to.

  2. Yeah, there is no quality control or personalizing, which is unfortunate. Most of the establishments in my neighborhood are non-English speaking, which is not surprising in the least but does leave me out of luck. Still, it’s pretty cool for an inexact science.

  3. Mount Washington – 32
    I’m too far up the hill for casual/social walking, though my dog would disagree with that rating!

  4. I’m on top of a STEEP hill and they still give me a 75.

    Clearly there’s no steepness/laziness factor.

  5. Great link, my little ‘hood out here in Far East LA (Monrovia) scored a 68. Not to good, but better than expected as obviously the programmer doesn’t know you can’t cross Foothill Blvd safely due to the hellish speeds people travel (posted 35 and have seen as high as 83mph at the speed alert at the California Ave crossing) with total disregard to pedestrians. Sadly MPD and city counsel spends little time keeping speeds down so we can walk. This is why we have renamed the street “foothill 500”

  6. 49 in Winnetka. Jeez, one more measly point and I’d have been at the “Some Walkable Locations” category.

  7. I got a 74 for Agoura Hills, but some of the places that the website counts is actually south of the 101 from me. Weird.

  8. 82 here in Silverlake. I have to say, though, that the classifications need a little refining. It listed Daisy’s Antiques as a grocery store and some post house as a movie theatre.

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