Sweatin’ Bullets: G Maps Street Views in L.A.?

Photo by Lush.i.ous, used under Creative Commons.

Writer/Director John August suspects he might see himself on Google Maps Street View soon after spotting “an orange van” with “an array of cameras pointing in all directions” while walking his dog in Los Angeles.

Neil at Citizen of the Month rewrites a classic Rupert Holmes song, now entitled Escape (The Cuban Mojito Song).

“Though it happened nearly eight decades ago,” Michael Imlay writes, “Beverly Hills officials make it their policy not to discuss the tragedy of Greystone Manor.” He gives the details at his blog, Dateline>City of Angels.

Hexodus backslaps aggressive mass transit advocates by explaining that for many in L.A., driving is simply more economically feasible than public transportation.

L.A. City Nerd lists the first ten Historic-Cultural Monuments recognized by the City back in 1962.

Just past the Ventura County line, Down With Pants! writes that while Oxnard has to deal with Mexican gangs commuting from Los Angeles, the City of Ventura lives in fear of the infamous Hells Angels.

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