Gimme A Sign! (Next in an occasional series)

tenhour.jpgBasically I blame our fearless leader Sean Bonner for fixating me on this parking signage. A couple weeks ago we were biking to one of our weekly rides and as we passed this stretch of Sunset through Silver Lake he pointed it out to me and gave one of his signature “what the fuck’s up with that shit?” and I’ve been wondering the same thing since.

What the fuck’s my problem? Well, I don’t know if I’d quantify it as a problem, but I can see why you’d think there are infinitely better topics to waste this stretch of pixels on (and if so I’m pretty sure you’ll let me know point blankly so in the comments). But if you really wanna know, my “problem” is that there’s no need for this sign. Never mind the issues some might have with such a loooooong interval of parking being allowed, the fact is that be it 18-wheeler, skunkweed-smelling party bus, ramshackle RV or Range Rover, parking is allowed for the entire 10 hours during the 10 hours that exist betwen 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and then for however long you want thereafter. In other words: you can’t get a ticket.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but a parking enforcement officer can’t roll up on a ride parked here at any time before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m and come back 10 hours and a minute later and give out a ticket for exceeding the posted time limit. The only time they can give a ticket is if a vehicle exceeds the posted limits, which it couldn’t do even if it wanted to. So what we have here is basically city authorized 24-hour free parking. There’s not even a restriction for street cleaning, and the fact that this unenforceable rule is not enforced on Sundays is just redundantly ludicrous.

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  1. if you looked closer you would have realized the person parking there has to pay for the 10 hours during business hours. they also have these 10 hour meters along the south side of the sony lot.

  2. if you looked closer you would have realized the person parking there has to pay for the 10 hours during business hours.

    That doesn’t really have any bearing on the the meaning of the sing, though. If you don’t pay, you get ticketed for not paying, not for parking too long. And even so, I’ve seen plenty of these signs in non-metered stretches of street (like next to Gingergrass).

    I’m guessing it’s a product of the Department of Reduancy Department.

  3. Half the problem with parking signage is the writers assume too much. Clarity is lacking in the signs for the person doing a quick drive by to get the details. Usually its done at a grade level higher than the average intelligence. Let’s not forget that we have a huge population that can’t read english and are lost. Anarchy and mayhem ensue.

  4. Discarted: there are no meters here on this block of Sunset Boulevard that I walked by slowly but thanks for making that odd assumption that I somehow missed them.

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