Them Catholics have had a busy week, pope still on vacation

churchhdr.jpg 503 Angelenos will sleep a bit better tonight as the LA Times reports they have settled their abuse claims against the Diocese of Los Angeles for a record $660 Million. Story here.
Something rarely seen at the end of litigation is an apology to the plaintiffs, but Cardinal Mahoney did so as reported in the LA Times here. Not that either will erase the memories of the abuse. (For you math wizards that 1.3M per plaintiff before deducting out attorney fees and litigation costs).

In a totally unrelated matter Pope Benedict XVI did the equivilent of farting in church and bailed to his Dolomite vacation retreat. What he did is issue a statement that the other christian churches out there are “flawed” as they seceeded from the Roman Catholic church which is the only true apolstolic church. So much for the ecumenical bridges that were built after the meeting of the second vatican counsel in the 1960’s. The LA Times reports the stink here.

(I’ll leave the debate to the theologians out there on the purity of the Roman Catholic Doctrine. Suffice it to say I don’t quite understand how pure they can be when out of 12 Apostles they let Roman Emperor Constantine use only 4 for their gospels totally ignoring the others).

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  1. So, after decades of denial, delay, and protecting the perps, the church finally decides on a payout in order to stop the litigation. As one victim interviewed today said, even a half-billion dollars won’t erase the memory of being raped by your priest. From what I understand Mahoney knew about some of these acts, but chose to protect the rapists, not the kids. He’ll have to answer to his god for that.

  2. When Mahoney steps down and surrenders to the Feds for a racketeering investigation, then maybe his apology will mean something. Until then, feh.

  3. I’d prefer something a little more tangible.

    For starters, action being brought against the criminals he aided and abetted, and perhaps some kind of prosecution for him as a knowing accessory.

  4. Lee has an interesting comment considering the church for the better part of the last decade been busy protecting its assets like a dirty corporation rather than an institution supposedly a moral anchor of sorts.

  5. “I don’t quite understand how pure they can be when out of 12 Apostles they let Roman Emperor Constantine use only 4 for their gospels totally ignoring the others).”

    The four gospels were included in the Bible because they had impeccable support: they had been considered scripture for centuries and by all the Catholic communities.

    The other ‘apocryphal’ gospels were just that: they were of late origin, often written by gnostic sects, and had little support.

    They weren’t ignored, just considered as flawed sources of Christian thinking.

  6. “just considered as flawed sources of Christian thinking”…more like flawed in the emperor and popes view of subjugation of the masses and amassing great wealth?

  7. Yes, and let’s not forget the San Diego Diocese declaring bankruptcy of late. So Cal’s Catholic Church is a joke. Cardinal Mahoney is a total bastard. Once he got the red yalmuke and the Taj Mahal of a Cathedral– it is like watching TBN except the Crouch’s don’t aid and abet pedophiles. Hooray for the Claretians who opted out of the agreement. ( my uncle has been one for 55 years and is the pastor of the St Jude shrine in the ghetto of Chicago)

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