Where the cops hangout when they are downtown…

…at Little Tokyo Showgirls! (Now hiring! Coupon for free admission good until July 31!!!)


Just kidding! The parking lot on the corner happens to be a holding pen for the LAPD and has nothing to do with the nudie bar pictured. The Rafu Shimpo reported on the opening of this establishment, as well as the subsequent revocation of its liquor license last month. Needless to say the Little Tokyo/Japanese American community protested the opening of the strip club. (View from a Loft has great coverage on this.)

Of course, the giant signs in the chinkified (or is it “nip“ifed?) “Chopsticks” font make me feel like going there would be a cultural experience. [/sarcasm]

Hey, Little Tokyo Showgirls: “Me no love you long time.”

(Ok, I do admit it is kind of a hilarious sight to drive by on the 101 and see all the cop cars lined up outside this strip joint.)

Photo taken by me

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  1. Great find Joz! This is perfect fodder for a caption contest if there ever was one.

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