Weak Waves and lots of ships lined up

A bad day of waves is still better than roasting in the SGV during the summer. It was quite obvious it was going to be toasty this morning so I rolled my crew out of bed early, packed the car and headed to the nearest beach. For us that is Bolsa Chica State Beach, straight down the 605. (Yeah, yeah I know it ain’t LA county even, but most of us up here use the OC beaches as they are easier to get to, not the character of Venice but usually better waves).

Anyway the waves pretty much sucked. Irregular sets and mixed directions meant they collapsed fast. They were mostly what we call “Under a Hunderd”….or you have to be less than a hundred feet from shore and weigh less than 100 lbs if you are going to get any kind of a ride on the boogie board. The view was pretty incredible, could see several of the oil wells, 8 ships lined up to enter the Port of LA or LB AND Santa Catalina Island. The latter is a real rarity as the marine layer usually hides it.

Got home and it was, you guessed right…100 here in the SGV. Bad waves will always be the preferred option over heat and brown air.

And please don’t bust my chops about the image…its from my trusty Che-ez Snap and this is about as good as it gets. If it helps, think of it as the Diana for the digital age.

2 thoughts on “Weak Waves and lots of ships lined up”

  1. More like a 1970’s psychedelic flashback which is why I love it! And its cheap too…around 10 bucks if you scrounge the web a bit. Love the silly thing and its images.

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