Local Bands that Rock: Iron of Odra

Iron2Obviously, one of the great things about living in L.A. is getting in on the ground floor of a good band. Unfortunately, they’re usually some kind of hipster nonsense that I can’t summon the juice for (hello, everything-released-by-Dim-Mak). Not so with Iron of Odra. Seriously, how can you not like a band that says it sounds like “The Crumbling Ruins of a Forgotten Empire?” And if you’ve spent any time at Barbara’s at the Brewery, you’ve probably been poured a stiff drink by IoO’er Mike Hanne. Next time you’re there, leave him a fat tip in appreciation for bringing some homegrown heaviness back to L.A.’s wimpified music scene.

4 thoughts on “Local Bands that Rock: Iron of Odra”

  1. Damn you Spencer. I’m a Libertarian, not a metal head. I agree 100%

    Yup, you read that correctly, 100%.

  2. How can you avoid a post with a painting like that adorning it?!

    Awesome stuff, and they feel like a SoCal compliment to the equally heavy and almost as obscure Slough Feg up in San Francisco.

    Thanks for pointing these guys out. I feel the uncontrollable desire to quaff a tankard of mead.

  3. I feel the uncontrollable desire to quaff a tankard of mead.

    Truer words have never been spoken!

    Thanks for mentioning Slough Feg. I’ll be sure to check them out.

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