Won’t You Take Me To Librarytown


Downtown is a forest of neighborhoods and districts. A five-minute walk around my apartment brings me through the Historic Core, the Jewelry District, the Financial District, Bunker Hill, the Arts District, the Old Bank District, Gallery Row, Scullery Row, Little Ulaanbaator and the Accountancy District. What’s a perplexed navigator to do?

We here at the Jay Bushman Institute for Personal Cartography are here to help. We’ve created a whole new neighborhood, and we call it Librarytown.

Librarytown is still a work in progress. As of now it mostly overlaps with the Financial District, but let’s be honest – calling a place the Financial District is pretty boring unless you’re an investment banker. It’s centered, surprisingly, around the axis of the Library Tower (sorry U.S. Bank), the Central Library and Library Bar. It goes as far northeast as 4th and Main, encompassing Lost Souls Cafe. The Southeastern corner is somewhere past Seven Grand. It stretches South far enough to claim the new Ralphs. It’s Western edge is murky at the moment, but may go all the way to the 110. Librarytown’s borders are someone flexible at the moment – one of the benefits of personal cartography.

Now, who do I see about getting some of those neighborhood signs put up?

(Photo from Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Won’t You Take Me To Librarytown”

  1. Neighborhood Signs? There’s a process as referenced in this article.

    Your proposal sounds like so many looking to change the perception of existing communities by changing the name (a la Lake Balboa carved from Van Nuys).

  2. For a second, I thought you were gonna do one of my Public Internet spot reviews.

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