Get up off your knees and dance for Rasputina tickets

Oh happy day, Rasputina is playing the El Rey (with My Brightest Diamond) July 21. And you, oh loveliest of lovelies, can win tickets. We have two pairs to give away to the two best pole dancers–if you lack a pole, any erotic dance will do, but I loves me some pole dancing, so if you’ve got one, don’t be shy. And boys this means you too. Come one; come all. Being really sexy or at least really funny can’t hurt. . Dancing will be judged on how well it captures the Rasputina spirit. That said, please keep your clothes on.

Just post your video to a publicly accessible site like and leave a comment here with the link by Wednesday night. Or, you can simply send the link to [email protected] if you’d prefer not to leave a comment. Winners will be notified by Friday. I am more than pleased to say, as well, that my friends and family cannot enter the contest (thank heavens).

Update: You can also upload your videos to the Rasputina group area on imeem. In fact, you are encouraged to do so. Photos and videos from shows as well as clips of you shaking your sexy tail feathers are all welcome.