Safest Theater in Town

Cory Doctorow has found the safest theater in all of Los Angeles, and it’s in Burbank. Check this pic:


I’m assuming it’s the safest of course because of this rule, I’ve never seen this sign at other theaters which must mean there are weapons all over the place, but not here. In Burbank people leave their weapons in their cars thanks to thins sign.

5 thoughts on “Safest Theater in Town”

  1. Pfft. Bogus. What if you took the bus or walked to the show? You can’t always expect people to be able to just put their sidearm back in the car.

  2. I just got back from a long road trip and this is a pretty common type of sign in much of the country, especially in places where it’s easy and legal to carry concealed handguns.

  3. I saw the same sign at the AMC in Century City (at the Westfield Mall.) I had to take a photo and post it to my own blog in April. The funny thing is, there are about 10 doors to the theater and this was posted at the bottom of just one door.

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