Vagabond Blogger: The Coffee and The Writer

For the first two entries in the Vagabond Blogger series, I thought it important to cover two of the more obvious choices for public ‘net access in Hollywood. The library is likely one of the first places to come to mind and it’s hard to miss C&C on LaBrea if you drive around Hollywood much.

With those dispatched, I thought I’d turn to venues probably not as well known. We’ll start with The Coffee and The Writer on Sunset Blvd. and Highland Ave.

We’ll take a look at this quiet, little spot after the jump.

The Coffee and the Writer is located at 6767 W. Sunset Blvd., right in the center of Hollywood. It’s at the intersection of Highland and Sunset, so Hollywood High School is right across the street. Wading through a throng of High School kids is a distinct possibility during school hours, though they certainly don’t seem to be fighting to use the computers.

If you can block out a bit of inane chatter while you surf, you should be okay.

The Coffee and The Writer is, as it stands now, a fairly new establishment. Though there has been a coffee shop with net access in this spot for almost a decade, ownership/management has changed hands several times. For some reason the place seems cursed to have crappy coffee. Well, let me be more precise: I drink espresso, sometimes doubles, sometimes singles, sometimes even quads, but usually, from coffee shops, straight espresso. I don’t put anything in it, and I am a complete snob about it. A shop’s espresso is, obviously, the basis for their cappuccinos and lattes. What I’m trying to say is that their drip coffee may be fine, may be the best on the planet, but the espresso, the basis for all the fancy drinks, has always been crappy at this location, no matter who the owners/management has been.

Now, that being said, after it became The Coffee and The Writer, they served the closest to a decent shot I’ve received, it was just a little watery. I think the machine needs adjusting.

There are also sandwiches and things available. The Panini I ordered wasn’t bad, but this isn’t a food and drink review. (Though additional amenities warrant mention, no?)

The place has only two computers, so it’s a good things the kids from Hollywood High aren’t scrambling for them. They’re decently fast, and offer a nice suite of available functions. The browser was unfamiliar, obviously designed specifically for public internet. It was, however, nicely and somewhat intuitively laid out. Logging on takes you to a Yahoo home page, which seemed nice. No tabbed browsing, however.

You can slide a credit card on the machine, or feed it cash directly. Rates are 10 minutes for One Dollar, or One Hour for Five. Kinda nice if you just want to get on and off. The welcome screen actually boasts the rate of 10 cents per minute though the cash minimum is a dollar. It’s technically true, of course, I just thought it slightly hilarious that they stopped to point it out. Printing is $.30 per page. WiFi is also available, though I neglected to ask the price. (if any)

The place really seems to want to give the air of somewhere to relax. Not quite there yet, it’s been a “Get your Coffee and Get Out” place for so long, but they seem to be working on it. The guy who runs the place is quite friendly, as well.

The Hours posted seem to be in the process of changing. It says 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Friday, but under Saturday and Sunday it reads “8:00 AM to :00 PM” and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it open on Sunday, so your guess is as good as mine on weekends.

It’s a new place, they seem to mean well, and to be actively smoothing out most of the problems. Not bad if you can sidestep the High School kids, and the snarl of traffic as folks try to get on the freeway via Highland at rush hour. (To be fair, the presence of Traffic Cops directing traffic in the intersection has greatly helped this situation.) Stop in, grab a smoothie, and surf over to see what The Noxious One is up to on Metblogs!

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  1. We do all of our editing at coffee shops, since we don’t have electricity or internet at our home (a 1973 Winnebago RV). Just wanted to say thanks for the review. We’ve actually been looking for a good place in the Hollywood area (other than C&C). I think we did a review of other good places on our site…mostly Venice area though.
    Thanks again.
    -The Hobos

  2. Wow. You guys are crazy. And by crazy, I mean completely feakin’ cool, and I’m in awe.

    Glad you made some use out of my musings. Lemme know where to send my Headshots.


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