My Dinner with Syler

[click for max hotness – photo from imdb by joe quinto photography]

Admit it – the bad guy is always the most desirable.

I got my chance to prove this yet again last Saturday night. We’d gotten ourselves all riled up at the Lampshades show, and were headed out to dinner with Kate after.

Included in our plans were her buddies Kristen Bell(Veronica Mars) and Zachary Quinto, SYLER from Heroes!

I have to admit not watching Veronica Mars, but I sure as hell knew who Syler was!

Surprising: For the evilest villain in the world, he was so nice!

Disappointing: The fact that he didn’t even once try to eat my brain could only mean one thing – I have no powers. Bummer.

Nevertheless, a good time was had by all – and a time that would never ever be had outside our wonderfully surreal city. Yeah, maybe NYC, but then again maybe not.

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  1. I got the chance to meet Kristin a couple months back. She’s pretty unassuming, and all-around nice.

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