Craving Hummus

Okay, so I’ve been back in LA from Israel for less than 24 hours and I’m craving hummus.
While I was over there I had hummus and keBAB (following the Flight of the Conchorads pronounciation guide) once or twice a day, along with huge pitchers of mint lemonade.

It’s 9:20, so I’ll leave for Zankou in about fifteen minutes and get taken care of (it opens at 10), but while searching for other places I came across this recent review by Jonathon Gold:

Hummus Bar, a newish Israeli hummus specialty restaurant in Tarzana, is a cheerful place, with the sharp angles and open kitchen of an upscale fast-food restaurant and the jangly Israeli pop of a kosher coffeehouse, menus printed on place mats and a dining patio thrust into the mini-mall’s parking lot.

The hummus at Hummus Bar … is very good indeed: thick and creamy, with the lemony, nutty tahini suspended over the earthier chickpea paste so that when you sweep your chunk of hot pita across the plate you are custom mixing the flavors and textures. Every bite is subtly different from the last. Hummus made from scratch is an entirely wonderful beast — and no beasts are harmed in the making.

There’s also this Shwarma joint I want to check out.

Any other suggestions for my new food obsession?

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  1. I am a hummus addict!

    Back in the day, the best place in town to get hummus for home-use was from a Middle Eastern deli in Valley Village:

    Italian Middle-Eastern
    13246 Riverside Dr
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
    (818) 995-6944

    By the way, it’s still great.

    However, now when I don’t feel like going to the Valley, there are two amazing and easy options. You’re not going to believe me, but here are my two favorite places for getting take-away hummus.

    1. Trader Joe’s started making a new Middle Eastern-style hummus last year with olive oil on top. It’s cheap and tastes nearly identical to the one above.

    2. Costco – They carry a new line of gourmet hummus called Sabra. The supermarkets carry it and sell it for an insane amount. Costco sells enormous tubs for $5.99.

    You can’t go wrong with any of these!

  2. If you want an awesome Sharwama Lafa Wrap go to:


    Its on the North side of Pico just east of Beverly.

  3. I LOVE the shawarma (I never can spell that) at King’s Kabob, corner of Sawtelle and Sepulveda in Culver City. They only have three tables outside, but the food rocks!

    Gaby’s in the Marina also is good.

  4. Ditto to Ted. You don’t even need a food processor- I’ve made it in a blender.

    -couple cans of chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
    -a bit of olive oil
    -a bit of tahini (sesame butter)
    -a bit of lemon juice
    -some garlic if you like garlic

    totally easy, and you will totally impress yourself and friends.

  5. It’s even better in a blender. I’m surprised that there are restaurants that used packaged hummus.

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