Vagabond Blogger: The C&C ‘Net Cafe

First of all, Friends and Neighbors, let me start my second entry in the Vagabond Blogger series with some good news: my computer is working, at least for the moment. (We’ll see how long this actually lasts.)

None the less, I would feel negligent to let the series die with only one entry and, indeed, it would then not be a series at all, now would it? And, frankly, I’m kinda having fun, so you’re likely to see a couple more of these.

Besides, one never knows when disaster might strike. Any of my fellow Angelenos could find themselves suddenly stricken without ‘net or computer access at any given time. It’s horrible, let me tell you.

It might even happen in the middle of the night. It might happen right in the Heart of Hollywood. You might find yourself having to go to The C&C Internet Cafe!

I’ll tell you all about the place after the jump.

The C&C Internet Cafe, Sunset Branch, is located at, 7070 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. There is apparently one at Wilshire and Normandie, as well, but I’ve never been there.

This place is, in many ways, the exact opposite of using the Library Computers.

It’s 24 hours, there’s never any wait for a computer, the machines are respectably fast, you have your choice of browsers, (Firefox, yay!) and they, apparently, even serve food. (I have yet to indulge. I may hafta sit that one out, guys. Sorry.)

On the other hand, it’s not free, obviously, and remember what I said about the friendly and helpful staff at the Hollywood Library? Yeah, none of those people are moonlightling here. Nearly every time I’ve been there, the guy behind the counter looked like he’d rather spit on me than be bothered to take my money for some computer time. It may be different during the day, but I doubt it. To be fair, the guy who was on tonight was actually pretty cool; not my usual experience there, though, and I’d never seen him before. (I’m not really much of a regular, however.)

My biggest complaint is the place is, well, kinda gross. I’m gonna go ahead and recommend some Hand Sanitizer for your trip there. I swear they’d make a mint if they put a stack of Purell for sale at the counter.

One interesting thing is that they offer P.O. Boxes. These are accessible 24 Hours a day. They offer Mail forwarding, as well.

Let’s look at the rates for all this, shall we?

Net access costs $3.00 for a half of an hour, $5.00 for a full hour, $10.00 for two and a half hours, and $20.00 for six hours of Surfing Goodness. They apparently have Gaming Access, too, if you need to get your MMORPG on, but I’ve never availed myself of it.

You are given a card with the designated number of minutes on it. It can be taken with you and any unused minutes can be used at a later time. It’s actually a pretty decent deal if you know you’re going to be needing it for a few days.

Printing costs $.25 a page, but drops to $.20 after 11 pages and goes down to $.10 after 31 pages. Again, it’s all better in bulk. Copies are $.10 a shot.

P.O. Boxes start at $50.00 a month for the first three months, then $10.00 a month after that for the smallest size. I couldn’t get box sizes, or any of the other rates because, “The morning guys deal with that, and that’s all they tell us.” So, if you wanted to start a business buying crap at the Ross right there and then selling it on eBay, I guess you’ll have to talk to the Morning Guys. Mail forwarding is $3.00.

All and all, for what it is, it’s not really that bad of a place. The computers are decent, there are plenty there, it’s available at any time (for a guy like me who works late nights, that’s a life saver) and, really, you should probably go ahead and wash your hands after using the library computers, too. Let’s be honest.

Phone: (323) 462-8100 Website:

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