Artichoke Rocks Ride Arc

bollockscover.jpgTonight was the 2nd Anniversary of Ride Arc and for the ride we took a tour through downtown getting a first hand view of gentrification, homelessness, and incarceration. That was the theme of the ride, and you can see from my pics that we saw that all first hand. As is often the case some folks have music rigged up to play from their bikes and one rides was playing an album but the Los Angeles band Artichoke where they cover the entire Sex Pistols “Nevermind” album. It was absolutely amazing, and I rushed home and bought it. You should to. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have any shows coming up in the near future.

3 thoughts on “Artichoke Rocks Ride Arc”

  1. Just a lack of a space between two words has been enough to forge a link between the Sex Pistols and Nirvana that previously didn’t exist in my mind.

    (Trivia: Nirvana supposedly took the title for their album from a Replacements song.)

  2. No Shows? Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. In fact, Artichoke is playing this very moment (11pm) at Hive Gallery.

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