So what do you think of Los Angelenos? part 2

I stopped in the KOA general store this morning, wearing one of my new T-shirts…the kind I buy to start conversations and stir the pot. There I met “Dee” the firecracker manning the register answering a bajillion questions from campers. When it was my turn things took a delightful turn…

Dee:” That shirt is too funny, when I first saw it I thought you were going to be one of those whiney anti-everything types that show up telling us how to live up here. I was worried that you would say something about our fresh Elk jerky”.
Frazgo: “Nah, I get things to just stir things up and watch how things develop. I’m a life member with the NRA, gift when I was in Kindergarten”.
Dee:”you talk fast, where you visiting us from”.
Frazgo:”In from Los Angeles just enjoying the scenery”
Dee: “Should haved known, you Californians talk fast. Plenty of that here”:
Frazgo:” So you ever been to Los Angeles”
Dee: “yup…lots of times”
Frazgo:”So what do you think of us and our city”
Dee:”I loved it when I was 20-22 and into music and punk rock scene I went there a lot. It was really amazing. Now I’m a mom, own a home and after living in OR and CO my husband and I decided this was the place to stay with our family”.
Frazgo:”So have you been back with your kids yet?”
Dee:”No, its not a place we’re ready to take them too yet. We have taken them to most of the states travelling and will take them when they are older”.
Frazgo:”I understand that, am about giving my kids experiences. So far mine have been in all but 3 of the western states and a handful of the ones east of the Missisippi.”

In the end I learned nothing new. LA still is the center of the universe for music and such for Dee and me. I’m not so sure that will ever change. This isn’t the first time that someone outside of LA has commented on our accent and how fast we talk.

Parenting isn’t that different between the two of us and most of the people in my social circle. I’m not so certain that a kid under 10 wouldn’t have things to appreciate here either….lord knows I find plenty to stimulate mine. I do believe there are some things we expose them to when they are ready so they can understand the bigger picture of how things interplay. Controlled exposure sums it up.

So there you go…Happy July 4th from Sheridan Wyoming.

6 thoughts on “So what do you think of Los Angelenos? part 2”

  1. How strange, when I first came out here, my impression was that Angelenos talked more slowly than people from Chicago or New York.

  2. I’ve heard it a lot, mostly from folks coming from areas with a Southern or Western drawl….

  3. Ack! KOA?
    They’re plentiful, but overpriced AND usually a little gross compared to state park campgrounds.
    Besides, you can’t call it camping when they boast “free internet” at your campsite!

  4. I you note I never claimed to be camping, joined my folks for an RV trip for one last hurrah. Retirees love the KOA…safe, simple and always the same just like Denny’s is a safe bet on the road when all else fails. And free wifi blows…54kps and 50 old people signing onto aol takes its toll on bandwidth fast.

  5. People I meet outside of California always say I talk like a Californian, yet I’ve never really nailed down exactly what that means. Maybe its my penchant for saying “dude” and “awesome”?


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