LAPD fear terrorists may target Hollywood clubs

Do I need to point out that the odds of you or a friend being killed by drunk driving celebrity are much higher than you being killed by a terrorist? Really… the LAPD would save more lives if they set up more random DUI checks instead of assigning officers to be on the lookout for jihaadis cruising Sunset and Hollywood Blvds.

The LAPD has launched a security review of the city’s bustling nightclub scene in the wake of the car-bomb incidents in London, with Chief William J. Bratton saying the department’s anti-terrorism unit needs more resources…

…Among officials’ concerns is that scores of people often line up outside the hottest clubs, making them potential targets for a car bomb similar to the one found in London’s Haymarket area.

From the LA Times.

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  1. Well, can you tell me what the odds are of being killed by a terrorist? Seriously.

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