Winner, in the Category of “Best Dessert Name Ever”…Hadaka Sushi!

When somebody on our internal discussion list recently mentioned WeHo’s Hadaka Sushi, it didn’t automatically occur to me to write about it. Sure, they’re fine purveyors of nyotaimori (a.k.a, serving sushi on a nude model), but that’s been done and covered and it always seemed a little faux to me anyway. My mind was changed, however, when I ran across Hadaka’s Citysearch listing, which makes mention of their “provocatively named dishes like the ‘nice rack’ (a grilled rack of lamb) and the ‘big unit’ (marinated rib-eye steak).” Dumb, but all in good fun, right? Unfortunately, it only goes downhill from there. Citysearch’s suggestion for dessert is the horribly, awfully, nauseatingly named…drum roll please…CHOCOLATE STARFISH. Ugh. I think I think just threw up in my mouth a little.

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4 thoughts on “Winner, in the Category of “Best Dessert Name Ever”…Hadaka Sushi!”

  1. ugh, typo baby… you mean WORST dessert name ever.
    Now I know I won’t be checking it out. Okay, I’m a squeamish baby. I own that.

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