A Holocost Survivor Leaves America, Returns To Germany

I’m in Israel this week for a conference and some touring courtesy of the Israeli government. I’ve never been out of the country on its birthday and it’s interesting to me to see the international reaction to the US.

Reading about the Libby debacle, I was struck when I came across this feeditem about a man’s elderly neighbor moving back to Germany:

“I’m going back because I’ve seen this before.” He then commenced to explain that when he was a kid, he watched with his family in fear as Hitler’s government committed atrocity after atrocity, and no one was willing to say anything. He said the news refused to question the government, and the ones who did were not in the newspaper business much longer. He said good neighbors, people he had known all his life, turned against his family and other Jews, grabbing on to the hate and superiority “as if they were starved for it” (his words).

He said he was too old to see it happen right in front of his eyes again, and too old to do anything about it, so he was taking his family back to Europe on Thursday where they would be safe from George W. Bush and his neocons. He seemed resolute, but troubled, nonetheless, as if being too young on one end and too old on the other to fight what he saw happening was wearing on him.

Happy birthday America. I miss you. Even when I’m back home in LA, I miss you.

18 thoughts on “A Holocost Survivor Leaves America, Returns To Germany”

  1. Looking from the outside it is good know there are Americans that don’t agree with Bush et al.

  2. Looking in from the outside, it is always good to realise there are Americans who don’t agree with the Bush regime.

  3. “the news refused to question the government, and the ones who did were not in the newspaper business much longer.”

    America is and always has been about Free Speech – it’s not the FIRST Amendment to our Constitution for no reason.

    As an American and a Jew I’m both insulted and repulsed that someone would liken 2007 America to Nazi Germany, let alone to suggest that the media is incapable of criticizing the government! Christ it’s all they freaking DO (and of course I support ALL speech).

    If this guy’s that much of an idiot I say Good Riddance. Let me know how GERMANY works out for you.

    I wish I could have bought his one-way ticket.

  4. Have Condi vouch for the ungrateful bastard’s one-way ticket return to Die Vaterland. Because that’s what Germany needs: more old people than its spectacularly low birth rates can support. Remember, for every rickety Holocaust survivor who thinks his neighbors are out to get him, there are 10 Zacatecans looking to take his place. Auf weidersehn deutschbag!

  5. Interesting reading. But sammy….how does expressing an opinion regarding good riddance make one a slut? Just curious.

    A recent post had a comment re “liberals the new fascists” sometimes it makes me wonder who is more divisive with their agenda and propaganda.

    Happy July 4th from Sheridan Wyoming….

  6. … because people without a decent argument always resort to personal attacks. Very original.

  7. America is undoubtedly in a dark chapter of it’s history, but a comparison to Nazi Germany is outrageous. This guy will fit right in back in Germany, where a large segment of the population believes the US actually orchestrated 9/11 from the inside.

  8. First, the press has failed us — the Iraq war, the bloated pundit class of Washington, et al. Watch Bill Moyer’s special on the lead up to the war and then tell me that the media isn’t a tool of the government right now.

    I posted this story before I visited the Holocost museum here in Jerusalem. Is it too fr to say that this government has stepped into fascism?

    When the Vice President denies the Constitution by saying he is not a part of the Executive branch and when the President commutes the sentence of a lackey in order to protect himself, yes I think that line starts to be crossed.

    The thing that struck me today looking at the museum was the slow slide and build up into full fledged evil. And there is a need for continued and vigorous watch and oversight of our government to prevent such abuses of power.

    Our founding fathers designed the system to withstand such problems, but things start to break down when we had (have) a congress that refused to do oversight and a press that wanted to curry favor rather than hold powers accountable.

  9. I just learned a valuable lesson. Next time I’ll follow the link and check the context of the article. I’m not sure a post on “Justice for None” deserves any more credibility than the latest rant by Ann Coulter.

  10. By the way, do a Google search for “Holocaust Survivor Leaving the U.S.” and you’ll find this story dates back to 2005. Something’s rotten in the blogosphere.

  11. Thanks for the link Mike. What happens to blog posters that knowingly propagate lies like Kent did?

  12. I was really hoping that by this time the headline over the post would be corrected to say “holocaust.”

  13. yeah this shit was on digg not to long ago. I doubt it happened. Even though things aren’t looking good here in the states, it’s still the best country in the world. People risk and some lose their lives just to breath this air. That clown of a president will have to step down eventually(2008 anyone?). So it’s just a matter of time (unless of course he decided to be king of america, then we are in trouble)

  14. This is supposed to be a lie…doing its rounds through all the social networking sites but supposed to be a complete fabrication!

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