Reggie Willits Lives In A Batting Cage

Um. I know that there’s a bit of Angels bashing around these parts, but let’s pause for a moment and appreciate that the Angels are currently the best team in baseball.

A big part of there success comes from their lead-off hitter Reggie Willits.

Well, it turns out this dood is hardcore. He, his wife and newborn baby have lived in a batting cage.

Reggie and Amber never planned to live in a cage. In 2003, they decided to build a 3,000-square-foot house on five acres they own next to his family in Fort Cobb, Okla. The batting cage happened to be the first part of the house that they built.

But when the cage was finished, Reggie and Amber saw a way to save money from his minor league salary. They did not have to complete the house. They could simply stay in the cage.

But this takes the cake:

If she is free, she feeds balls into the pitching machine. Amber stands behind an L-Screen, the kind used to protect batting-practice pitchers. Still, line drives sometimes rip through the screen.

“I know she’s taken a few in the helmet,” said Mickey Hatcher, the Angels’ hitting coach. “But that’s part of the game.”

Now that is a supportive wife. :)