Meet me at Manual Arts HS

A press conference hosted by UTLA and MORE-LA will be held today at
Manual Arts High School about the funding coming to LAUSD through Senate Bill 1133. It starts at 3:20 pm.

[link to PDF of all LAUSD schools receiving funding for 2007-8]
N.B.: high schools each receive funds exceeding $1.5m per year until 2014
[link to PDF of explanation of SB 1133, a.k.a. Quality Education Investment Act]

LAUSD is trying to mandate spending of SB 1133-QEIA funds at school sites, despite their inability to properly manage their own funds at school sites. Schools (teachers and parents alike) are up in arms about this. With Locke declaring autonomy, more schools are following their lead, though many are reluctant to leave LAUSD and go charter.

Also at issue is LAUSD’s decision to take 10% of the money for “administrative costs” despite the bill only allowing a 3% skim. If LAUSD had any competent bureaucrats at these schools, we could probably forgive them. Fact is, many of these schools have “must-place” administrators, the rejects and dregs from better performing parts of LAUSD.

Please attend if you live in an affected area. This would be a good way to meet your union leaders at school sites, as well as a way of getting involved in budget allocation. There are many committees parents and community members can sit on.