Barnes and Noble @ Westside Pavilion Now Open
As you probably already know, the 12 screen Landmark Theaters opened at the Westside Pavilion a few weeks ago. This is very exciting for us Westside movie-goers, though being almost a bigger Arclight fan than some people, it still doesn’t match the (mostly) fabulousness of the Arclight. However, it does beat that other theater hands down for me in one important respect — I can walk to the Landmark.

Even more exciting, after a year of construction, is that the Barnes & Noble store finally reopened on June 27th. And how are they celebrating?!?!?! By being open and selling books. Apparently I’m the only one who is really excited about it. Yes, I know there are arguments to be made about chain bookstores beating out independent bookstores and that is bad. Personally, I support just about any kind of store that sells books. Books are good. Mmmmmbooooooks.

If you are coming to the Westside Pavilion see a movie or buy a book (or buy a book of the movie you just saw or see the movie of the book you just read, or even just going to the shopping mall to shop) I have a hot parking tip.

There is free parking at the Westside Pavilion and lots of it. But here is my insider’s tip. Go to the underground parking on the theater (west) side of the mall. Ground level (G1) is not very big and always full. You’ll wind down to the second level (G2) and it will look like this:
Ah, but just do one more downward spiral to G3 and you will be rewarded with this:
And I mean just about every single time.
(Oh, and yes, I can walk to the mall, but sometimes going to the mall for movies or books is not the only thing on my list that day, so I do need to park.)

3 thoughts on “Barnes and Noble @ Westside Pavilion Now Open”

  1. I haven’t been there since the renovation, but previously my parking tip was to head for the roof parking that you accessed on the west side.

  2. I haven’t been up to the roof since the re-do but in the past it was not too bad, but there were fewer spots and it gets HOT in the summer time.

  3. the super secret tip is to park in their parking structure? that is indeed a Hott Tip!!!!!!!!!!!

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