Offbeat Bride In L.A.

Heathervescent mentioned Ariel Meadow Stalling’s appearance at LA Angst in her weekend events post two days ago. But she didn’t know that the other reason Ariel is here is for a reading from her book, Offbeat Bride. Specifically, it’s a reading and “stand up wedding advice” at Tangier Lounge in Los Feliz at 7:30PM on Saturday. Hey, I’m going. You all should too, on your way up to that blogger party.

I had some questions for Ms. Stallings that I asked in a brief email interview last week. How big a movement is offbeat bride-ism, anyways? Modern Bride may be printing the term “bridechilla” (the anti-Bridezilla, the “chill” bride), but even a chill bride isn’t an offbeat one. So read on behind the cut for the questions I sent up to the spokewoman for non-prissy weddings last week, and her answers – including her comments about Burner culture weddings, and what she sees as the upcoming non-magazine bridal trends.
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Special Delivery

[click to embiggen]

My buddy Eric Kroll was asked to do a performance piece for (both links to entry pages only – these are adult sites)

Here’s what he came up with.

He had this “package” delivered to an undisclosed location, they shot some video, then she was delivered back to Eric in time for everyone to have a nice dinner.

So how did you spend Your weekend?

More pics below, one of which may not be SFW (like I care – you shouldn’t be doing this on work time anyway).
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More than a little BRIT different in how we eat and shop

UK Giant Tesco is opening its first “Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market” this fall in my ‘hood, actually in nearby Arcadia at the corner of First and Foothill. I got to experience the “Tesco Express” which is vaugely similar to the “Fresh and Easy” stores in London last Month and was impressed with both the quality and the value for food on the run.

Why is this news or should anyone notice? Plenty of reasons. First off put aside your concerns that this huge retailer has beaten Walmart at its own game in the UK. The “Fresh and Easy” stores are going to redefine how we look at convenience food. The stores will be around 10,000 square feet, bigger than 7-11 and much smaller than the usual grocery store. It will be stocked with the good stuff for quick meals when you are too rushed to cook yourself.

Hmm….Convenience Store News and Forbes have reported that our domestic chains better be ready for this huge change in how we look at convenience food. (I think they need to come up with a better name than convenience as it rings of roach coach grub).

The initial plans are that this is going to be big, in the hundreds of stores very quickly in So Cal, NV and AZ and is even hinted at in Financial Times it could rival the 1,900 stores in the UK.
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Glassell Park NC Chair responds to allegations

City Watch LA just released an assessment from an attorney, and a few other individuals, which pretty much all agree that the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council was in clear violation of the Brown Act when they asked a videographer to stop taping the meeting. (my summary of the events here)

Surprisingly, when presented with a chance to respond, and more than enough time to reread the Brown Act, the Glassell Park NC Chairman, known only as “Bradley”, is unrepentant for his actions.

He claims that only a portion of a three hour tape has been seen, and that if the rest of the tape were made available we would see that the videography was disruptive:

What was not shared with you and omitted intentionally was the beginning of the video taping (7:05am) where she introduced herself and her intentions to tape, promised to provide us with the tape of the proceedings, past and present for our inspection, and our respect and understanding for her rights to videotape. However, due to her constant moving about and that of the camera, physically moving around in the meeting, the location of the video cam in our faces, and the continued disruptions through-out the meeting – with disregard to many of the board members kind remarks to not create the disruptions – she had to be asked to stop taping.

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You know how I know you’re gay?

gay.jpgBecause you can’t use eHarmony for your online hookups.

Scientific American reports that a potential class action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by a lesbian who couldn’t find a “women seeking women” or “man seeking man” option on the matchmaking website. The suit would be on behalf of all gay men and women who have been denied service by the site that was created by conservative Christian Dr. Neil Clark Warren (he’s the guy on the TV commercials).

eHarmony claims that its “first relationship service on the Web to use a scientific approach to match highly compatible singles”, requiring users to answer 436 questions to determine “29 Key Dimensions of Compatibility necessary for success in a long term relationship.”

Commenting in the past on eHarmony’s gay and lesbian policy, Warren has said that he does not know the dynamics of same-sex relationships but he expects the principles to be different.

Well, maybe he has a point. I’m guessing a tolerance for neighbors with lifestyles other than your own isn’t one of the 29 key dimensions necessary for a long term relationship.
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