Sweatin’ Bullets: The Handheld Messiah Has Risen

sweatiniphone.jpgHey, look! Its “Sweatin’ Bullets” on a JesusPhone! photo by Sean Bonner.

Fightin’ Mad Mary discovers one poop-repulsed neighbor who’s filled their lawn with crap to get keep the dogs off.

Ensie has created a new Flickr group dedicated to the variety of “No Dumping This Drains To Ocean” signs.

LAist discovers charges on their Amex for three tickets to the Prince show at the Roosevelt (at $312 each) even though they only ordered one, and never were told the charge had gone through, and apparently this is only one of many problems plaguing the Purple One’s Hollywood Blvd. residency…

The Militant Angeleno says, “it’s not Summer until I visit the beach,” and thusly kicks starts the season with his annual 22 mile ride along the South Bay Bike Path.

Bloggers and their neighbors are apparently being targeted by the fuzz (and cranky neighbors) for having rowdy parties: Bootstrap Productions and Sink Into the Pacific share the tales.

Ed at the LA Times Pressmans 20 Year Club speculates on if and how the Tribune Company will be renamed following Sam Zell’s takeover.