Sweatin’ Bullets: More than one ring to rule them all

rings.jpgPhoto by Pete Southwood of “the rings” in Venice Beach… I remember a time not so long ago when I could actually take a trip on these things with relative ease… now I can barely stay on long enough to earn the blisters. (used under Creative Commons)

Quote of the week: “When testicles and ovaries are outlawed, only outlaws will have testicles and ovaries.” – Mayor Sam on opposing Walter Moore’s support of mandatory spaying or neutering for dogs and cats.

Kelly of West Coast Grrlie Blather survives jury duty by taking comfort in “The Secret”.

Peggy Archer, known to security guards for using her old socks as chemical weapons, gives “Tom’s of Maine” deodorant a test spin in a post entitled, “Well, that didn’t work out quite like I’d hoped.”

“Thunderbolt Fan” gives an update on what’s happening (or whats not happening) with the the Griffith Park recovery.

Curbed L.A. rounds up the best videos of “Bradley”, the civil rights challenged Glassel Park Neighborhood Council chairman, who is now questionably the most well known NC member in L.A., next to Bradley Westwater.

Justin Levine at Patterico’s Pontifications finds out that if you order your coffee “to go”, even if you’ll be sitting down, you’ll be able to save a few cents while skirting State tax laws.

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