9 thoughts on “Pics from iPhone release at The Grove”

  1. Another piece of thing that most people is interested with. New technology, new style, something that will definitely look you good and people will say “cool”. A friend of mine goes there and told me that there are really a lot of people and that they had a hard time finding a space to park their car and another hour for them to get out of that parking space afterwards.

  2. Does anyone know if everyone in line got one? I thought about joining the line after it had turned the corner but assumed it was too late at that point.

  3. Caption for photo:
    “This son, is what I’m replacing you with…”

    As far as everyone getting one: Yes, and they have more, many more. According to the Apple.com ‘In-Stock’ page, they didn’t sell out at any of the Apple stores in the U.S. And what’s crazy, over on craigslist, people keep posting that the stores are “Sold Out!” and then offer to sell them one with a $1400, mark-up. I just love the thought of all these scalpers hording iphones, thinking they were going to cash in.

    As far as the phone itself, sound quality is lacking, but all the other features simply ROCK!

  4. Don’t know about the Grove in particular but I’m reading that the Apple stores got upwards of 1000 phones each. Turns out the AT&T stores only got about 30, so the “smart” plan to avoid the Apple madness and get the phone at AT&T backfired.

  5. I bought mine at an Atlantic Telephone & Telegraph store in Pasadena just to avoid the large Apple Store crowds. According to the store clerk there, they had a shipment of 150. However, a guy came over from their Azusa store, after waiting in line a few hours, saying they never received their shipment. Boy were their customers pissed!

  6. Question… What’s the big deal about? Do I really wanna watch youtube and shit on my phone? What does it do that my phone doesnt do?

  7. People often miss the point with Apple products. It’s not what they do, it’s how they do it. Ergonomics and style, not featuritis.

    But I somewhat agree, in that I don’t need a phone to be much more than a phone, so the iPhone has very limited appeal to me. But for a smartphone user, I’m sure the iPhone is a wet dream.

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