Jeordie White (Twiggy Ramirez) Is DJing The Bar tonight

l_7af745c2ca748c6c5700f90412fdbf49.jpgJeordie White AKA Twiggy Ramirez will be DJing rock n’ roll songs with myself tonight at The Bar from 10:00pm till 2am. You might know who Jeordie used to be from such rock bands as Goon Moon (which he does with Zach Hill from Hella & Chris Goss from Masters Of Reality and who’s also recorded Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, the new Duke Spirit, Mark Lanegan, UNKLE & others), Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle & Marilyn Manson. Plus he’s friends with Liam Gallagher (the lead singer of the greatest currently active rock band on earth,OASIS), so you can’t get much cooler than that. The Bar is located at 5851 Sunset Blvd (Cross Street: Bronson Avenue) in Hollywood. Get there early for a booth but either way stop by, have some drinks and listen to some killer tunes.

In other semi-unrelated rock news, The Verve reunited this week and announced November UK live dates. The DL word on the street is that they will be playing a festival in Los Angeles sometime in March of 2008, which is a ways off but GODLIKE non-the-less. Can’t wait for Dicky Ashcroft and Nick McCabe to set foot on our side of the pond and lay down some headbangin’ riffs!

4 thoughts on “Jeordie White (Twiggy Ramirez) Is DJing The Bar tonight”

  1. “….lead singer of the greatest currently active rock band on earth,OASIS), so you can’t get much cooler than that.”

    Man, you are tripping hard.

    Anybody. Name me the rhythm section off the top of your head. Right. Didn’t think so.

    I’ll even take your buddies Pigeons of Shit Metal over Oasis. Come to think it, I have no clue who beats the skins there either.

    I’ll live.


  2. Name the rhythm section? OK IDIOT, SMALL GUY… ANDY BELL who was the singer/guitarist for RIDE! Maybe if you’re not as big of a tool as I think you are you’ve heard of them? They were on a label called CREATION in the 90s! Might wanna check that label out dork! The drummer… SMALL GUY… ZAK STARKEY who also plays drums in a small band you might have heard of called THE WHO! And he holds his own in that band… talk to me when you’ve seen The Who lately.. I thought it would suck til I saw em with Zak… they’re old and Keith Moon has a big pair of shoes to fill, but Zak does the best job anyone could. And he’s played with THE SEEDS… pretty sure you’re too dumb to know who they are dorkus. Oh and his dad is the drummer of a tiny band called THE BEATLES… maybe you’re into them? If you’re not… don’t talk to me.

    Those two dude make up only the best rhythm section they’ve had… might wanna check out the last OASIS record called DONT BELIEVE THE TRUTH! IT FUCKING SLAYS NERD!

    By the way… what do you think is good rock n roll? Please educate me… I’ll school your ass.

  3. Aw…man. Did fan boy get his feathers ruffled? Good times.

    I quote the Wikipedia here…”As the token southerner, Bell is the butt of many jokes. On stage, during the Familiar to Millions album, in response to the arguing chants of “Noel” and “Liam”, Noel Gallagher appealed for the crowds to “fuck all that “Noel” and “Liam” shit. Can I have everybody singing Who the fuck is Andy Bell?”. Precisely.

    Hey I’m not slamming em too hard. Any band that releases a record of B-sides (The Masterplan…for any of you in the dark that would find yourselves sprayed by 77’s vitriolic spittle) that is more worthy than half the band’s entire output is of course a curiosity to me.

    To answer your question, If you had a look at the 7 or 8 cassettes I got laying around you’d see that I am the life of the party. Cheers bud.

  4. Nah, zero feathers were ruffled… that’s called NUKING YOU. I like how you dodged my question and quoted wikiapedia… that’s such a solid source.

    And a party without Oasis? Lame party dude.

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