Eastside 101: Not the Eastside


The virtual carcancha that cruises up and down the streets on the Eastside has developed a flat tire, so until the neighbor returns my can of fix-a-flat I present you with a D.I.Y. graphic suitable for stickering all over Echo Park, Silverlake, and the rest of the places on the other side of the river that are Not the Eastside. You may have already seen these small paper examples of direct action around town. This was designed by one of the persons involved with the Pocho Research Society which they describe as

“a collective of artists, activists and rasquache historians who reside in Los Angeles. Dedicated to the systematic investigation of space, memory and displacement, the PRS understands history as a battleground of the present, a location where hidden & forgotten selves hijack & disrupt the oppression of our moment.”

I’m not the only one that thinks the fight for historical memory is a worthy one. If you missed the report on KPCC yesterday about one of their latest actions, placing guerrilla historical plaques that commemorate gay and Latino bars displaced by gentrification, go here to read the transcript or here if you want to stream the audio, which is worth a listen.

Now you too can download the image, print it up on sticker paper, and join the ranks of those that fight against the Westside Cultural Empire. Onward Eastside Soldiers!

Click here for a slightly larger version.

9 thoughts on “Eastside 101: Not the Eastside”

  1. as a white gentrifier who frequents the bars that have taken the places of those mentioned by the PRS, is it wrong for me to want to put these stickers up?

  2. As an East LA resident, I am happy to see these stickers. I saw an article the other day saying that everything east of La Brea is the east side, sacrilege. Hollywood and Highland is on the west side, we don’t want it.

    That said, I do think the 101 is the line for Eastside/westside purposes. East of the river is East LA. Silverlake may be the east side but it ‘ain’t East LA

  3. Wait, 101 the dividing line? That’s a new one! Sorry though, it’s either the LA River or the east/west street designation downtown.

  4. I always thought it was the LA River and the separation between North-East LA and East LA proper is the 10 Freeway.


    If only someone could make these stickers readily available without my needing to buy sticker paper. ::sigh::

  5. There is no “dividing line” or official city designation “East Side” its whatever you want it to be. I usually think of it as east of the 101 as well!

  6. There is no “dividing line” or official city designation “East Side” its whatever you want it to be. I usually think of it as east of the 101 as well!

  7. Historically, meaning back in the 1800s, the east side was across the river. It’s where the native people lived. The river was a geographical barrier that would define where LA ended for most people.

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