Slings & Burroughs

Over at Atwater Village Newbie minor umbrage has been taken with references over on the Silver Lake Gallery Alliance blog to the nebulousity of Los Angeles’ “Five Burroughs.”

AVN writes: “Never mind that “Borroughs” is usually spelled ‘Boroughs.’ And never mind that New York City established its own Five Boroughs in 1898. I’m just trying to figure out what/where in the world are the Five Borroughs/Boroughs of Los Angeles?”

With area boundaries pratically gauranteed to spark debate (Eastside, anyone?), instead of going what/where I’m all about who are Los Angeles’ Five Burroughs:

1) Don “The Blade” Burroughs, Los Angeles Rams defensive back, 1955-59
2) Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan and Tarzana
3) Harold Burroughs Rhodes, father of the electric piano
4) John Burroughs, naturalist of whom an LA middle school and Burbank high school is named
5) William S. Burroughs, novelist and primary beat gen’er who stomped the Venice Boardwalk with Ginsberg and Kerouac in the 1950s

So who’d I miss?

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