Papas y Cerveza


Whether you want to make a big impression during your next “employee evaluation” or you just need to kill a few hours in Pasadena, I’ve got a quick tip that should do the job nicely. First, head to the location with this sign overhead.

It’s best if you can avoid all the other office drones by arriving after the lunch hour but before dinner, nice and quiet. Bring a friend or two, a book will do if the chickens refuse to play hooky.


Don’t bother with the menu, just ask for some garlic fries. See those big chunks of fresh garlic? This will be the ammo that turns your mouth into weapon.


Order some beer. They make their own lagers on site, not the usual ales you find at most brewpubs. This is the Dunkles, which is quite nice, as is the Marzen. The rest are forgettable, so sez me. But go ahead and try them all, you’ll need these to release the safety on that mouth weapon. Repeat as necessary.

Now you’re primed to tell your Supervisor exactly what you think about the new office policy!

Gordon Biersch (near the Laemmle’s)
41 Hugus Alley
Pasadena, CA 91103
phone: 626-449-0052

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