Lucha … VaVOOM!!! night my wife and I had a huge, stupid amount of fun whooping and gasping at the first of Lucha VaVoom‘s three nights of sold-out shows at the Mayan downtown.

This quinceanera run marks the 15th outing of the Mexican- wrestling- hot- strippers- comedy- and- flying- midgets extravaganza since its birth at the start of Gulf War II (there’s a great Current Affair video on the home page) and I’m here to tell you: there’s not a lower-brow, higher-octane night of fun to be had for 30 bucks in L.A.

Did I say sold-out? Yep. But scalpers can be found hawking tickets for unknown prices at showtime on the sidewalks outside, so if you gotta get in, that’s your route. Either that, or risk tangling with hulking 275-pound walls of muscle wearing black “SECURIDAD” t-shirts …

The comedy highlight was the Crazy Chickens vs. the Coyotes match (tag-team madness featuring “Baby Chicken” and “Baby Coyote” in hot midget-on-midget wrestling action). the more “serious” luchadores brought a a stupendous super-estrellas match featuring some staggeringly body-bruising aerobatics by Cassandro, who arrived in a stunning wedding gown only to be pummeled mercilessly by three other wrestlers before he opening a 55-gallon drum of sequined whoop-ass and emerged the victor.

No, it’s not “real.” Your point?

The guy was grimacing every now and then – he was recovering from a broken finger and recently-busted ankle while delivering full-flip body-slams from 7 feet off the mat – yet he still managed to smile and vogue for the tequila-swilling mob and exit the ring on his own two feet. La lucha doesn’t get realer than that.

Anyway, here’s my little Flickr set – I actually didn’t shoot very many – I was having too much fun watching the show. Hence, no photos of the “buxoticas” – of whom the most sensational were probably the jigglicious Michelle L’Amour (ggrrrrAAAooww!!!) and the more traditionally tassel-twirling Lucy Fur.

If you can’t get in, put VaVoom on your calendar for Aug. 30th, when they’ll be celebrating 5 years of this insane noise. Should be a pretty big show.

(Personal note – when I was 6, my mom gave me a little money to buy my dad a birthday present at Woolworth’s. I bought him a Batman wallet – and that’s the term my wife and I use to describe any gift we’re really partly giving to ourseslves.

The Lucha tickets I bought last month for her birthday this week? Definitely a Batman wallet.)

6 thoughts on “Lucha … VaVOOM!!!”

  1. mack – i wanted to go, but i didn’t learn the dates until it was too late. are you on some sort of mail list reminder?

  2. Hey, Tracey:

    No, there’s no mailing list on the LVV site, but I spotted an ad in the Weekly back in April or so, and jumped on the tickets since they always sell out.

    The program says there’ll be a 1-night-only 5th anniversary show on Aug. 30, and tickets go on sale Friday, June 29th at noon at TicketWeb, so you might want to bookmark it and make yerself a note. Good luck!

  3. Too bad they didn’t tell anyone at ticketweb about it, because it ain’t effin’ there!

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