Gonna try for the iPhone?

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So, have you decided to throw your hat in the ring and try for an iPhone?

Me, I’m a total gadget whore but my P990 still has more features than the iPhone, so for now I hope to keep it in my pants and not get the iPhone. (I’m one of those people who never buys the first year of a car either.)

If you are of greater intestinal fortitude, though, and are looking for info, I called the Glendale Galleria Apple store, and here’s what they told me:

They do expect to get the phones on Friday.

The store will be closed from 2-6pm to prepare for the launch event.

The launch event starts at 6pm.

They don’t know how many phones they will get and they are not taking reservations, making lists, or handing out wristbands. Unlike other Apple locations, the Glendale Galleria is an indoor mall so no camping out overnight.

Good luck if this is your chosen outing – and please anyone who gets one post your review here in the comments.